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Do you have a few questions? We bet you do! Here is a quick collection of some of the questions people have asked us over the years, along with our answers.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us (or give us a call at 716-403-2016). We’d be happy to chat!

Q:  Will you be listing my house on the MLS or actually buying it?
A:  Buffalo Brick & Mortar LLC is a local real estate investment firm as well as professional home buyers. This means that we buy houses that meet our purchasing criteria in Buffalo and all across NY. From there we may repair the house and resell it to another homeowner or keep it as a rental ourselves.

Q:  Do you pay fair prices for properties?
A:  Many of the houses we purchase in NY are below market value. We do this so we can resell the property at a profit to another homeowner at a later date after we repair and upgrade it. When we make cash offers for homes, we are looking to get a fair discount on a property. However, in our experience, many sellers looking to sell their homes as quickly as possible and for cash prefer providing us with a slight discount on the selling price so that we can offer them cash and close on a timeline that works for them.

With no waiting for financing and no time or expense needed on your part to fix up the property or pay agent fees, we make selling a house easy. If you can see the value in selling your property quickly, let’s see if we can come to a win-win price for both parties. Our no-obligation pricing commitment means that you won’t have to move forward with the offer we give… but it’s good to know what we’re offering!

[DOWNLOAD our free guide that walks you through the Pros and Cons (plus the cost and timeline) of selling your house to a real estate investor. You’ll also learn the pros, cons, and costs of the other two alternatives – listing with an agent or selling it yourself. Download your free guide here →]

Q:  Is there any obligation when I submit my information?
A: There is absolutely zero obligation! Once you tell us a bit about your property, we’ll take a look at things and set up a call with you to find out a bit more. If you agree, we’ll do a quick tour so we can make you a fair, all-cash offer. From there, it’s 100% your decision on whether or not you’d like to sell your house to us! We won’t hassle you, won’t harass you… We want you to decide what’s right for you.

Title: Direct Buyers vs. Real Estate Agents: Navigating the Path to Property Sales


The process of selling a property can take various routes, with direct buyers and real estate agents being two distinct avenues for homeowners. Each method comes with its own set of advantages and considerations. In this article, we will delve into the differences between selling a property directly to a buyer and utilizing the services of a real estate agent.

Direct Buyers:

Real Estate Agents:

  1. Expertise and Market Knowledge:
    • Real estate agents bring extensive knowledge of the market, local trends, and the intricacies of property transactions. Their expertise can help sellers price their homes competitively and navigate the complexities of the real estate landscape.
  2. Marketing and Exposure:
    • Agents employ various marketing strategies to promote properties, utilizing their networks, online platforms, and industry connections. This exposure can attract a broader range of potential buyers.
  3. Negotiation Skills:
    • Real estate agents are skilled negotiators who can navigate the complexities of offers and counteroffers. Their experience allows for effective communication and the ability to secure the best possible deal for the seller.
  4. Time and Convenience:
    • Utilizing an agent can be less time-consuming for sellers as they handle tasks such as property showings, negotiations, and paperwork. This can be particularly beneficial for those with busy schedules.

Q:  How do you determine the price to offer on my Buffalo area house?
A:  Great question! Our process is very straightforward. We look at the location of the property, the current condition of the property, what repairs are needed, and values of comparable houses sold in the area recently. Using this information, we will come up with a fair price that works for us and hopefully works for you, too!

Q:  Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?
A: Unlike when you work with a traditional real estate agent, there are NO fees or commissions when you sell your house directly to us. We’ll make you a fair cash offer and – if it’s a fit – then we’ll buy your house (and we’ll often pay for the closing costs, too).

We make our money after we pay for any repairs or upgrades on the house and sell it for a profit. Once we buy the house from you, the responsibility is ours and you walk away without the burden of the property and its payments… and often with cash in your hand.

Q:  How are you different from a real estate agent?
A: When you work with a real estate agent, you are paying to have someone list your property and show it (if there are any buyers). Once a sale occurs, your agent will take a percentage of the final sale price for their commission. An agent’s commission is often 3 to 6% of the sale price of your house. This means if it’s a $100,000 house, you’ll pay between $3,000 to $6,000 in commissions to your agent.

  1. Personal Interaction:
    • When dealing with direct buyers, homeowners engage directly with potential purchasers. This direct interaction allows for a more personal connection and an opportunity to address buyer concerns firsthand.
  2. Transaction Speed:
    • Direct sales typically move faster than transactions involving real estate agents. Without intermediaries, negotiations can be swift, and the closing process tends to be more streamlined.
  3. Flexibility in Pricing:
    • Sellers may have more flexibility in setting the asking price when dealing directly with buyers. Negotiations are open, and there is room for direct communication regarding the property’s value.
  4. No Commission Fees:
    • One of the most significant advantages of selling directly is the absence of real estate agent commission fees. Sellers keep the entire sale amount without having to share a percentage with an intermediary.
  5. Greater Control:
    • Homeowners have greater control over the entire selling process, from marketing the property to negotiating terms. This hands-on approach can be appealing to those who want to manage the sale independently.

Agents provide a great service for those who don’t mind giving up some of their final sale price to pay for the commission. But that’s where we’re different. Our company actually buys houses directly from Buffalo homeowners. Since we’re actually the ones buying the house from you, we can make a decision to buy your house as quickly or as slowly as you need. This is why we are locally known for making the home-selling process easy!

Choosing between direct buyers and real estate agents depends on individual preferences, circumstances, and priorities. Direct sales offer autonomy, speed, and cost savings, while real estate agents provide expertise, marketing prowess, and a more hands-off experience for sellers. Ultimately, understanding the nuances of each approach is crucial for making an informed decision that aligns with the goals of the homeowner. Whether opting for a direct sale or the guidance of a real estate agent, the key is to embark on the property-selling journey with a clear understanding of the chosen path and realistic expectations for a successful transaction.

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